The Light-In Group Reviews the International “Day of the Girl”

October 11th is internationally recognized as the Day of the Girl. Here at The Light-In Group in New York, we are constantly dealing with the empowerment of children and believe the key to our future lies in the minds of youth. We are privileged enough to live in a country that recognizes the importance of females in our society. however, this isn’t the case around the world.

In numerous countries, a girl’s value is based upon her ability to produce children, to provide the males in her life a clean and full home when they come home from work. Their purpose doesn’t go beyond the home. On this day dynamic groups around the world highlight, discuss, celebrate and ultimately advance girls’ lives around the globe.

Our continuous efforts to increase the number of sponsors of Children’s International is our way of supporting the efforts of International Girl Day. By sponsoring a child through this program, the sponsor opens the door for education, health benefits and much more for children that couldn’t obtain these luxuries through any other means.

Today, The Light-In Group would like to say thank you to all the women in our company for their never waning dedication and amazing work effort, that makes The Light-In Group the amazing company it is.

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Sponsor a Child, Save A Life with The Light-In Group in NYC

Children International provides assistance to struggling children and families in poverty. Their mission has helped over 340,000 children in 11 countries through 17 agencies around the world. Children International offers sponsor-ships for children, through these sponsor-ships the organization delivers benefits and services for the daily life necessities; while enabling children with the confidence and skills to eradicate poverty.

Children International’s various programs include healthcare, educational assistance,
nutritional support, and family aid.

Our job at The Light-In Group is to ensure Children International culminates as many sponsors as possible to ensure their mission of reducing the daily struggles of poverty stricken families are minimized and even eliminated altogether. Over the past six months since we’ve been working with Children International, we have currently acquired over 1,500 sponsors. Our team of 30, work hard daily to enhance the success of the charity. Through our efforts we are positive that the mission of Children International is being met and making a difference in the lives of children worldwide. We are excited to grow this project to 75 new markets spanning throughout the United States and Canada.

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The TQM Role at The Light-In Group, Inc. in New York

Total Quality Management (TQM) is the key to management success here at The Light-in Group, Inc in New York, NY. TQM is a methodology of customer-based satisfaction, in other words the method looks for the customers to define the quality of the product or services provided. TQM also emphasizes the importance of the hierarchy that exists in the office environment. Those in managerial positions must lead by example. If the managers aren’t willing to follow the TQM principles, how exactly would the team know what is expected of them? Lastly, total quality management encourages the idea of improvement as an on-going part of the business. Each member of the team should continuously strive to improve the product or service of their company.

The Light-In Group, Inc. has taken this concept and, the company as well as its team members; have epitomized these ideas in their daily activities at the office. For example, every morning the team would gather and state their goals for the day with their fellow colleagues. The team encourages their peers by initiating various cheers to increase the energy for themselves as well as others. Once the team have stated their goals for the day, the President Jason Markman congratulates specific team members on their successes of the previous work day. This demonstrates to the team that their hard-work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

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The Light-In Group, Inc.’s Shannon Gaffey Has Recently Been Featured in the Industry Magazine as HR Director of the Month!

The Light-In Group, Inc.’s Shannon Gaffey has recently been featured in the Industry Magazine as HR Director of the Month!

Before she starting working with CEO Jason Markman and The Light-In Team Shannon attended SUNY New Paltz. She graduated in 2009 with a degree in Journalism with a Concentration in Public Relations.

Light-In Group ShannonShannon started in the executive management training program in June of 2009. In 2010 she transitioned into the administrative role and has worked on the HR side of the business for the past three years.

Since becoming Human Resources Director she has personally been responsible for coaching and developing five executive managers and numerous HR staff members. “My favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to watch someone start with our company and grow into an executive manager,” said Shannon. “It’s so cool to see that progression.”

Shannon wants to continue to grow the HR side of the company by training new administrators in other markets and promoting new executive team members. “I’m really excited to see how we finish off 2013. So far this year has been great! Our office is filled with some really talented people,” said Shannon. “I’m looking forward to working with the team to expand into new markets. I know this year is going to be big for us!”

The Light-In Group Gives Back After Hurricane Sandy

The Light-In Group in Westchester, NY recently participated in several activities to help those affected by the recent weather damage and subsequent power outage in the New York and New Jersey area. Although the storm did much more physical damage on the New Jersey shoreline, the area in and around New York City was still impacted and The Light-In Group decided to help out.

The Light-In Group, Inc. President Jason Markman and several other team members made a trip to Staten Island during the weekend after Hurricane Sandy to help distribute food and other necessities to those in need. Even after almost a week without power, many businesses and stores were still closed and the shortage of gas made it difficult to acquire basic needs. “People were cold and anxious to get things back to normal,” said Jason. “It was nice to be able to lend a hand, just as they’d do for us.”

The Light In Group also held a food drive on November 19th to donate to several local pantries and shelters. The event had been planned for some time, but with all of the recent  weather activity, the donations were much needed. The Light-In Group is planning on a few more charitable events before the end of the year and any help would be much appreciated!

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The Light-In Group, Inc. is Proud to Announce our Newest Senior Coordinator: Ann Stromme!

Another exciting day at the Light-In group!

Ann Stromme, one of our team coordinators hit the required standards today to get promoted to a Senior Team Coordinator! She is now one step away from becoming an Assistant Executive and we are incredibly excited for her success.

Ann moved to New York from Texas 3 months ago to become a part of the Light-In family, and while she took her time to warm up to the idea of being in a new city and starting a new life, she made an immediate mental decision to make her presence felt with her quiet determination, strength of character and dignified grace. Of course once she got more comfortable and let her not-so-subtle southern guard down we saw an incredibly warm, wonderfully big hearted individual emerge.

Ann’s strength lies in the fact that she cares beyond words for the people in her life.  Making a friend of Ann means you just acquired a friend for life. This was clearly evident in her devotion to her customers and clients ensuring that their needs were her priority as well as her obvious affection , loyalty and genuine love for her team that she very quickly went on to build.

She has had her ups and downs in the past 3 months as well as her fair share of personal hiccups but having made the decision to treat every hiccup as just another obstacle made it easy for her to sprint ahead and never looked back.

We are incredibly proud of her and all that she has achieved so far. This is just the beginning of better things to come and as much as we are happy to share in her journey, we are that much more excited to see what she continues to do to ensure long term growth and success for herself and her team.

Congratulations again to Ann and her awesome team – we are so proud of “ya’ll” J


The Light-In Group, Inc. Sponsors Gambo in Niger!

At The Light-In Group, our President, Jason Markman, places a strong emphasis on cultivating a sense of civic duty via involvement in communities both local and international. One of our philanthropic activities involves the sponsorship of a child, Gambo Salaou, who is living in Niger.

Gambo lives in a poor rural community in an extremely challenging environment. The contributions we make affect Gambou’s quality of life and that of the community he lives in. Our sponsorship helps to increase access to clean and safe drinking water, improved health care, and the opportunity to attend school.

Gambo is now seven years old and lives with his parents, two brothers, and three sisters. His father is a farmer and struggles to provide for his large family. Their home is made of clay bricks and mud for mortar. For roofing they use straw. From March to September the temperature is in the 100s and from October to February drops to the 50s. Their diet mainly consists of millet, corn, sorghum, beans, and groundnuts. Inoculation against many common diseases is very important as there is a high rate of mortality in this region. We are able to write to Gambo on a regular basis.

In this increasingly interconnected world we believe that it is imperative to be aware of what is happening in places such as Niger. The nonprofit organization that is doing the work on the ground in Niger is changing lives and we will continue to support them through our sponsorship of Gambou. Moving forwards we plan to sponsor more children and hope others will seek to do the same.

World Vision is a great organization that puts 100% into their beliefs and values.
Please check out their site and sponser a child today!